About Jumping Jack Cash

Jumping Jack Cash is the premier chain of pawnshops and retail stores in the Greater Denver Area of the great state of Colorado. The six members of the senior management team have been in the industry a combined 108 years, dating back to 1988! Jumping Jack Cash offers secured non-recourse loans, commonly referred to as pawn loans. Pawn loans typically have a term of 30 days, collateralized with the customer’s tangible personal property. Pawn loans provide customers with cash in exchange for an obligation to repay the amount advanced plus service charge fees. THERE IS NO CREDIT CHECK OR CREDIT IMPACT ON A PAWN LOAN.

Our Story

Pawn loans are written on almost any asset, including but not limited to: diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, electronics, tools, musical instruments, cars, motorcycles and boats. Jumping Jack Cash is not in the payday loan business.
Jumping Jack Cash also operates in the buying and selling of retail goods. Jumping Jack Cash stores are loaded with almost anything you could need: jewelry & watches, electronics, tools, car audio, musical instruments, firearms and automobiles. JJC also sells heavy equipment, motorcycles, ATV’s, jet-skis, and tractors.
Jumping Jack Cash will BUY almost anything of value. If our clients decide they don’t want a loan against their asset, and would just like to sell it, we are the top buyers in Denver. Jumping Jack Cash can turn your asset into cash faster than anyone!

Jumping Jack Cash has four stores in/around the Denver area. Come see us today!