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Jumping Jack Cash Opens its 4th Store as Expansion Continues

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THORNTON, CO (October 3, 2014) – Jumping Jack Cash, a privately held chain of pawnshops across the front range, announced the opening of its fourth store in Thornton this weekend. Addressed at 8851 Washington Street just east of the 84th Avenue exit of I-25, the new store will allow Jumping Jack Cash to service customers in another key location as their expansion continues.

“We have a very clear, strategic growth plan and the Thornton location is a key cog in the process. This store allows us to provide our industry-leading customer service to consumers north of Denver as we continue our re-entrance into the marketplace,”

said co-founder Todd Hills.

Hills and the other co-founder, Bill Piper, have been partners in the pawn industry for 25 years and have executed three successful exits in the space, most recently in 2011. “Our goals as a financial services business have never changed. We aim to have the most reliable and consistent service provided by seasoned store- level team members using our proprietary technology. We will provide that service in the cleanest and most- organized stores in the industry, and finally we work to offer the widest array of retail goods at the most competitive prices. That’s our commitment to excellence,” added Piper. “We have high-end jewelry, electronics and tools. We sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and heavy equipment. You name it – there is a great chance we have it at one of our stores. Our tag line for years has been “we buy, sell and loan on almost anything,” and we really do mean anything. I’ve yet to bring a friend or investor into one of our stores who wasn’t blown away with what we do,” Piper said.

Jumping Jack Cash has expanded rapidly in the past 12 months, growing from one location and five employees to now four locations and 30 employees. The company sees an opportunity in and around Denver for 15-20 retail locations as the industry has become more mainstream than ever before.

“The maturation of the pawn business has made your average consumer more curious about what we do. Pawn Stars and other reality TV have certainly helped. We don’t just buy and sell old stuff. We can write you a collateralized loan on anything of value. Last week we wrote a $40,000 loan to a small business owner on his trucks and motorcycle. He was awaiting payment from a large job and needed cash, and in this situation we are his bank. That’s a service we can provide to any business owner who needs immediate liquidity and knows they cannot go the traditional banking route if their need is time-sensitive,”

Hills said.

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