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Gun Shop DenverJumping Jack Cash is the premier firearms lender in Denver. We loan on new and used guns at all of our locations (except Centennial).

We have been in the Denver area for over 25 years and we know the region and the market better than anyone. We promise all of our clients nothing but superior service in the cleanest stores you can find.

Before you visit our location, we have a few tips on what to expect and look for when pawning a firearm.

First and foremost, always expect a firearm to be loaded and verify that the gun you are examining is unloaded!

Understanding the Law

Whether you already own a firearm or not, you should have an understanding of the legal requirements and responsibilities of gun ownership.  As a pawn shop, we must comply with local and federal laws in order to buy and sell guns.

  • Any pawn shop that deals with guns must be licensed with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee). This means we are fully licensed to buy, sell and pawn firearms in the United States and we must understand and follow all federal gun regulations.
  • We must perform background checks on customers who seek to reacquire their pawned firearms.
  • We cannot accept stolen property at any time, including firearms. We are unable to accept pawns from minors, and those pawning their firearms must reside within Colorado.
  • Just like any other firearms dealers, we adhere to all laws to keep our transactions safe, simple, and convenient.

Understanding the Process

If you plan to pawn your gun, follow these steps:

  • Unload and case your gun. Bring it to the pawn shop along with photo identification, such as your driver’s license.
  • Thoroughly review the terms of your loan, then hold on to your receipt –you’ll need it when you want to reclaim your gun.
  • When you return to reclaim your gun, you will undergo a background check. Upon passing the background check and when all outstanding fees are paid, your firearm will be returned to you.
  • No family or friends can reclaim your firearm for you. Only the individual named on the pawn ticket can pick up the firearm. Absolutely no exceptions.

Know Your Gun’s Value

You will want to research your weapon as much as possible before pawning your firearm.

Appearance – While judging on appearance alone is difficult to determine the functionality of a gun, try to avoid anything that looks like it has been abused or obviously damaged.  Unless you’re looking for a display piece, minor cosmetic imperfections may not be a big deal and might even be a bargaining factor. Scratches, dents, or a faded finish shouldn’t affect normal function or interfering with the sight. If you’re not sure, we recommend sticking with a new gun that does not have any visible marks.

Modifications – Some guns have custom modifications that are important to know about. Well-done mods should have documentation of the work done, the changes, and who did the work. You should be able to easily handle the gun at all times, without having to over-correct your stance or support. You shouldn’t have to force anything or use excess pressure when discharging. It is possible mods may be disguising an issue, so be sure to thoroughly examine the gun before purchasing.
Check the barrel – Remember that a gun is loaded unless proven otherwise. Verify that the gun is not loaded and then take a look at the inside of the barrel. Generally, there shouldn’t be any major problems visible here, such as a bulged barrel or rust. Don’t worry about a little bit of dirt, but if there is a lot of dirt, it may indicate trouble.

Action and Dry FireYou should ask for permission before dry firing the gun or working the action. The action should be smooth and lock-up firmly.  If the action binds up, or if the trigger feels too light or too heavy, consider looking at another piece.

Additional InformationMost guns from well-known firearm companies are generally well-built and reliable.  If all of the above looks good when you inspect it, you can be confident that you have a good gun.  If you’re not sure, go with a popular brand. They’re trusted for a reason.

Jumping Jack Cash

If you are ready to pawn a gun, we are well-prepared to work with you. You can sell or pawn a gun at any of our Denver area locations, except Centennial.